Givit Game Studios


We are a small indie development studio from Benoni, South Africa founded by two friends Gustav van Rooyen and Hugo Hewitt. We started our development journey in late 2015 and released our first commercial video game in 2017.


Early History

In 2015 two friends decided to compete in a game jam called Ludum Dare. In that jam they created a small game called THE YELLOW JACKET MAN, that can be found on their Itch page. After a couple of game jams they decided to develop a commercial product. Their frist game, THE WITCH OF ERAST, was developed and released in 2016 on Android. While in development with THE WITCH OF ERAST the team were also in development on their first commercial PC game, THE ADVENTURES OF SAM CARLISLE: THE HUNT FOR THE LOST TREAUSE. The game took about 1 year to complete and launched it on Steam and at South Africa's biggest gaming expo rAge.

After That

After the release of the two games the team decided to do a couple of more game jams. In that process they decided on a concept for a series of video games about friendships and how they work and effect our daily lifes. THE TALES OF A LOST FRIEND was born. Three seperate games in the series. The first game THE SOPHISTICATED ART OF FRIENDSHIP is a thirller based on the five stages of grief, the second and main game in A FRIEND CALLED LONESLINESS published by Artax Games. And the final game is code name DOG. The entire series will be available on all major platforms. PC, PlayStatio, XBOX and Nintendo.



Interiew with Gustav van Rooyen at the rAge gaming expo, 2017

The Witch of Erast - Trailer

The Adventures of Sam Carlisle: The Hunt for the Lost Treasure - Trailer

Tale of a lost friend: A friend called Loneliness - Teaser Trailer


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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Founder / Lead Developer / Sound Designer / Writer

Gustav van Rooyen

Co-Founder / Writer / Designer

Hugo Hewitt

Co-Founder / Business

Jacques du Plessis