Givit Game Studios (Pty) Ltd.
Based in Springs, Gauteng, South Africa

Founding date:
2 August 2016


Press / Business contact:


The Adventures Of Sam Carlisle - The Hunt For The Lost Treasure
Into Eternity
The Witch Of Erast

+27 73 602 7383


We are an indie development game studio. We develop high quality games for PC and mobile platforms. We also offer to other contractors to develop a game for their products or services. We also offer designing of games. A new product from us is the ability to play immersive ads to promote your product or service.


Early history

When we started game development in 2015 with Ludum Dare we knew we wanted to games as a business. We created our first game called. we got a good responce from the game development community. Also in the same year we decided that we need something more with a better story so we decided again to do Ludum Dare and developed a game called and directly after that we did a couple of small games , , and .

After that

Later that year we decided to develop a little mobile game for free for the age group 5 - 8 year olds. We called it this is our first commercial release and first mobile game out to the public. While we developed THE WITCH OF ERAST a new game idea came to mind. First off it must be our first PC, MAC and Linux game. We want to tell the story of a man with Alzheimer's disease. We did exactly that we launched our first big release at the rAge Gaming Expo in South Africa . It is currently availble on , Itch.io and our own store the . Now we are proud to announce our next adventure



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The Witch of Erast
Help Azelea White to get Erast back from the darkness that has taken over. Collect the light orbs that will bring back the light. Dodge the floating rocks that the evil darkness has created in this collect it all adventure game. http:.

The Adventures of Sam Carlisle: The Hunt for the Lost Treasure
My name is Sam. Sam Carlisle. I have a normal life. A life that I really enjoy. It is simple really. I go to work, come home and work on a secret project. A project that will make me millions. A lost treasure. A treasure too big for one man, one man alone. http:.

Into Eternity

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Gustav van Rooyen
Lead Developer, Designer and Sound Designer

Hugo Hewitt
Lead Designer

Jacques du PLessis
Business Manager

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