This is all of the games we have released and what we are currently working on. We even added our jam games from Ludum Dare and the Shenanijam jams for you to play. We really enjoyed making all of these games and we hope that you  enjoy them to.

Release: TBA

Platform: PC, MAC, Linux

Into Eternity is a first person point and click adventure horror game. Where you play as Liza that goes on a horrifying adventure on a lost island just to uncover that you were part of the plan all along. 

Release: 2017

Platform: PC, MAC, Linux

Buy: Steam or Itch

My name is Sam. Sam Carlisle. I have a normal life. A life that I really enjoy. It is simple really. I go to work. Come home and work on a secret project. A project that will make me millions. A lost treasure. A treasure too big for one man, one man alone.

Release: 2016

Platforms: Android, (Coming soon to iOS)

Help Azelea White to get Erast back from the darkness that has taken over. Collect the light orbs that will bring back the light. Dodge the floating rocks that the evil darkness has created in this collect it all adventure game.