The Witch of Erast

So we have decided to do a remaster of THE WITCH OF ERAST.

But why so early? Well we actually abandoned the game while we were developing The Adventures of Sam Carlisle. So in our latest team meeting we decided that Witch has so much potential that we can’t abandoned it. I mean it was our first official game as a game studio. But this time around we are going to do it properly. So let me start from the beginning.

  • We have moved the game to a different game engine. We moved from GameMaker Studio to Unity. The main reason for this is that we started feeling very limited in GameMaker and for our next “BIG GAME” we want to do a 3D game so Witch is the perfect opportunity for us to start learning the engine better.
  • The graphic style of the game stays basically the same. It is still going to be a 2D game. Although some of the sprites we used in the older version is actually going to be Particle Systems for example the light orbs that you are going to collect.
  • All of the audio is going to be redesigned, composed and recorded. The composer of The Adventures of Sam Carlisle is going to compose all of the songs for Witch. We are very excited for that. Ana van Achterberg who did the voice of Azelea White is coming back for the Witch perfect voice. Maroon Productions is going to redesign all of the sound effects.
  • Leader boards will be introduced.
  • The game will be available on Andriod and iOS. We don’t have a release date of the game yet.
  • We are going to ask in app purchases but it won’t effect gameplay and you can still finish the game without ever buying something.
  • We are going to design actual levels for the game but we will talk later more about this topic.
  • The main playable character, Azelea White, is goig to have more abilities and power ups to enhance the gameplay a bit.
  • The game is going to be a official open world game. There will be no limitations. Azelea will be able to fly any where you want her to go.
  • Finally the game will be game pad supported for mobile phones and tablets.

Thank you for reading our blog today. We are going to try and make video vlogs of development but we will keep you posted.


Anmari van Achterbergh, is our talented voice of Azelea White. She studied Drama at the Tshwane University of Technology and achieved her B-Tech Diploma. She also stared in various productions in the theatre field including farces from the British Writer Ray Coney, translated into Afrikaans more recently masterpiece called “Daa’ gaat die bruid” (There goes the bride) and the lovely children theatre production called “Liewe Heksie”. She was also a radio DJ, she presented a youth programme on a local radio station 93.9 East Rand Stereo and she was a radio journalist. Did some MC work for corporate events for companies such as Vodacom and other social events. Voice Over work for various projects and advertisements. She is also a lecturer at Trinity College specializing in the art of performance art’s and musical theatre. Her latest work is a television ad for Meatworld on KykNet. THE WITCH OF ERAST is her debut in the video game industry. She has a passion for the arts and culture and grew up in a very creative environment including film, theatre, art and radio. It gave her the experience to build on all the fundamentals gained whilst introduce to the creative world. She loves art movies, painting and writing. She is alos a musician playing the violin, piano and guitar. She is a very social person.