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Into Eternity Dev Blog #1

Well, here we are. The first DEV blog for Into Eternity. On Tuesday the 19th March 2019, we announced our next adventure, Into Eternity. The game will be released 15 September 2019 on Steam, Itch.io and our very own store The Givit Shop. It will be available for PC, Mac, […]


So what is going on at Givit Game Studios

SO WHAT IS GOING ON AT GIVIT GAME STUDIOS. These last couple of months we were really quiet. But we have a good reason why. We are still in development with THE WITCH OF ERAST remaster, sorry it is taking so long but we just want to make sure that […]


THE ADVENTURES OF SAM CARLISLE: THE HUNT FOR THE LOST TREASUREĀ development phase has finally ended. We had a great launch at this year’s rAge Gaming Expo. We decided to write this blog just to give a basic heads up of what is going to happen to the game in the […]

Sam teaser finally here

So this is going to be a short one. The teaser trailer for Sam has finally arrived and we hope you like it. Check out.

The road to rAge

So the road to the rAge gaming expo has started. We are a bit behind on the development of Sam but we are getting there. We will launch the game at the expo at the home_code booth. We will be there among giants and we are a bit nervous. We […]


DEV Blog #1

DEV BLOG #1 So the first time that we will bring out a DEV BLOG. We will try and bring out a Blog once a month. The last three months has been hectic. Me and Hugo are working full at Lefra Productions. So it is hard to get a balance […]