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Well, here we are. The first DEV blog for Into Eternity. On Tuesday the 19th March 2019, we announced our next adventure, Into Eternity. The game will be released 15 September 2019 on Steam, and our very own store The Givit Shop. It will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux gamers. Depend on how good the game does we would like also to bring out the game on the XBox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is a first-person point and click adventure horror game. Once a week I will talk about what I did in the game and what features I am adding. Just to give a little background on Into Eternity. The game is a ‘prologue’ for our big game that we are going to announce next year or the year after that. Into Eternity falls in the same universe as our next game, that I cannot tell you about just yet. The story is almost done. But what I thought I might do is show off the island that we have created. It is a 4km x 4 km (2.4 mile x 2.4 mile) island, you can walk anywhere on this island, ‘open world’. The world has a dynamic weather system, no player’s game will be the same. Day and night cycle, and finally a dynamic seasons system. You might play the game in summer while your friend is playing it in the winter with beautiful snow hills and snow particles that looks so realistic. Just by exploring the island is a game in its own.

This was a short DEV blog but I will in the week do a VLOG about the game and show off the island a bit better. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer watch it below and please share it far and wide.


These last couple of months we were really quiet. But we have a good reason why.

We are still in development with THE WITCH OF ERAST remaster, sorry it is taking so long but we just want to make sure that it is more than perfect. We are trying to set the release date for the end of this year but we are working hard on the title. While I am still talking about Witch we have decided to create another game in the franchise for THE WITCH OF ERAST it is called THE WITCH OF ERAST AND THE LIGHT CRYSTAL more about this game later. She also got her own new website, please visit

We also started the design for our next adventure. We can’t talk about it as of yet but we will release some details soon.

Regards to THE ADVENTURES OF SAM CARLISLE we are still busy with a lot of bug fixes. We also deducted the price of the game a bit to R50 on Steam and on Itch. Please visit the website

Then the final news is that Gustav the lead developer and co-founder is going to work full time at Red Oxygen as a full-time game developer. He is still going to do games for Givit Games part-time.

That is it short and sweet. See you soon.

Givit Games Team

THE ADVENTURES OF SAM CARLISLE: THE HUNT FOR THE LOST TREASURE development phase has finally ended. We had a great launch at this year’s rAge Gaming Expo. We decided to write this blog just to give a basic heads up of what is going to happen to the game in the future and what we are planning next.

rAge Gaming Expo 2017

This was an experience that we will never forget. First off we would like to thank the following people at the expo for their great contribution to make the show great for all of us. First off great thanks to Cheryl for helping us get at the expo and made sure that all of our stuff was in order to make it the best expo and finally thank you, Kerry, for all of the interviews and media coverage we had got from the expo you guys are rock stars. Thank you also to you the gamer that came to our booth and said hi and played the game with some great feedback from all of you guys.

As the expo was great for us we had a rough time during the expo. Gustav, our main developer, father, unfortunately, died that Saturday of the expo and he rushed to the hospital to go and said goodbye. We here at Givit Game Studios hope that Gustav and his family will find peace.

Back to the expo. We, unfortunately, hadn’t had a great “sales” expo as we had wanted to have. We launched the game at the expo with the retail box version of the game. We only had 20 sales of 500 units. But most of the games did pre-order the game on Steam and that helped a lot. Here is a small break down of our cost and losses.

Booth at rAge: R5631.30

Shirt Printing: R1700.00

Banners (Pull up banners, PVC banner): R1847.72

Flyers (5000): R889.57

DVD box, printing, and production: R8500

Stationery: R500

Credit Card Machine:  R3300

PC Asseories (keyboard and mouse): R600

Total Cost: R22968.59

Total units sold: 20 @ R150 per unit = R3000

So our final loss is R19968.59 

As you can see we didn’t come near our target we needed to sell 154 units at the expo just to cover our costs. But like said hopefully with the Steam pre-orders that is coming up we will hopefully sell units.

Retail Boxes of the game

So we have sold some of the units at other faires and managed to sell some of them online, but we still have 450 units left in our store room. We would really like to sell all of the stock. We also do have a registered barcode on the unit itself. One of our aims is to sell the game in a retail store like BT Games or any other gaming shop. We are also looking in to sell the game on but that is a process on its own. So if you did buy the game at the expo we will send you a steam key for free just send us your email address and we will send you a key for free.

If you have the boxed version of the game we will also send you free updates of the game just pop us a mail at and we will send it to you.

The game and further plans

We have a great plan for the game. We will sell the game on many platforms so that anyone can download the game and play it. Our main focus though is going to be the Steam version. But we are already selling the game on and will be coming to GOG and Humble Bundle very soon.

This game is totally different from all of the others. This is the type of the game that we grew up with, so we wanted to bring it to the younger audience and surprise the older gamer as well. The Adventures of Sam Carlisle is going to be a five-part series, but for now, we will update the first chapter to its full potential. Sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest info about the game.

So what are the plans?

After some great feedback from you guys, we are considering to bring the game out on iOS and Android phones and tablets. We are not going to rush this process but our aim is September 2018. We also got our Xbox One license so we will also try and release the game at the basic same time. But we will take a break from Sam for about two months just to give a great big update on our mobile game THE WITCH OF ERAST.

The MAC and Linux versions of the game will be available at the end of the week on Steam and all of the other platforms.

If you have any feedback about the game please don’t hesitate to email us at

Reviewers (YouTube, Twitch coverage)

If you are a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer or any other gaming media please send us a mail at and we will send you a Steam key. Otherwise, if you have a keymailer account please invite us there and we will send you a key.



So that is it. Thank you for reading this post. Thank you again for all of the gamers that played the game and gave us some great feedback. We here at Givit Game Studios salute ou.

The Givit Game Studio team.

So this is going to be a short one. The teaser trailer for Sam has finally arrived and we hope you like it. Check out.

So the road to the rAge gaming expo has started.

We are a bit behind on the development of Sam but we are getting there. We will launch the game at the expo at the home_code booth. We will be there among giants and we are a bit nervous. We hope that the players will enjoy Sam. So back to the development. We got a major breakthrough with the storyline and the gameplay. The gameplay will ALMOST walk hand-in-hand with the storyline of Sam. Unfortunately, we can’t show it to you yet (spoilers) but we can’t wait for you to play it and experience it yourself.

With the expo five months from now, we are worried that we will get the game done in time, the game actually needs to be finished a month before the expo. To go through all of the certifications and publishing. The game will also be launched on Steam the day we launch the game at the expo (we hope, depends on Greenlight).

Then we have a sort of announcement, but it is not confirmed. Microsoft contacted us so we might launch the game on XBox One. But still unconfirmed. (Holding thumbs)

We really would like to show off the game but we are not there yet (almost, almost).

Thank you for reading our blogs and thank you for your patience if we get a bit quite.


So the first time that we will bring out a DEV BLOG. We will try and bring out a Blog once a month.

The last three months has been hectic. Me and Hugo are working full at Lefra Productions. So it is hard to get a balance between Givit Games and Lefra, but we have a “basic” plan of what we want to accomplish in this year.

First of all we have really good news. We got our iOS license so we will launch THE WITCH OF ERAST on iOS later this year hopefully at the end of March. We also got our STEAM license so all of our PC games will be available on STEAM.

On the topic of THE WITCH OF ERAST. We have a big update coming. Now the game has a purpose but you can also play the game in its current stage. You will take control of Erast and you need to collect the light orbs to rescue Erast. The can complete the game but for those who wants to complete the game much quicker, you can now buy light orbs with a small in app purchase. This is optional the game won’t have any ads or nothing. It will be like buying gems in Clash of Clans.

Back to the big news the reason for the blog. Givit Game Studios got a legal letter that the name Simple Sam is a registerd trademark, but that didn’t scare us away. It actually gave us the opportunity to come up the name and the main quest. So here it is:

The plan to start a franchise. So The Hunt for the Lost Treasure will be first in the series. We will release the game at the rAge Gaming expo 2017 in JHB. We will also release special editions for the game. At this stage we don’t have much to show you but we will keep you update.

Thank you for reading our first blog and hopefully we have something to show you in our next blog.