Anmari van Achterbergh, is our talented voice of Azelea White. She studied Drama at the Tshwane University of Technology and achieved her B-Tech Diploma. She also stared in various productions in the theatre field including farces from the British Writer Ray Coney, translated into Afrikaans more recently masterpiece called “Daa’ gaat die bruid” (There goes the bride) and the lovely children theatre production called “Liewe Heksie”. She was also a radio DJ, she presented a youth programme on a local radio station 93.9 East Rand Stereo and she was a radio journalist. Did some MC work for corporate events for companies such as Vodacom and other social events. Voice Over work for various projects and advertisements. She is also a lecturer at Trinity College specializing in the art of performance art’s and musical theatre. Her latest work is a television ad for Meatworld on KykNet. THE WITCH OF ERAST is her debut in the video game industry. She has a passion for the arts and culture and grew up in a very creative environment including film, theatre, art and radio. It gave her the experience to build on all the fundamentals gained whilst introduce to the creative world. She loves art movies, painting and writing. She is alos a musician playing the violin, piano and guitar. She is a very social person.

First of all, let me welcome you to Givit Game Studios blog posts.

We are going to try to blog posts once a week about what is happening in the studio.

This week I am going to talk about THE WITCH OF ERAST our first mobile game.

  1. The Game

The game is a “collect it all adventure game” (in my own words for a new genre 🙂 ) where you play a witch that flies and collects flowers. Our inspiration came from two different sources. First is the main theme. We wanted to bring out an Afrikaans game of Liewe Heksie but due to copyright and trade marks we didn’t have the funds or resources to do so, so we decided to bring out our little witch game and started our own “franchise” so we will see what will happen to our little witch. The second inspiration came from a game called ROID RAMPAGE from Butterscotch Shenanigans. We love that game so much that me and Hugo decided to make our own “fly game” and that is where THE WITCH OF ERAST was born. Here is a link to ROID RAMPAGE

2. The Realease

We are going to launch the game on iOS and Android. We are still thinking about to release the game on Windows, Linux and OS X. The release date was due for end of September 2016 but after a long thought, we decided to move the release to end of October 2016.

Here is a small little video of the gameplay running real-time in the game engine

Thank you for taking the time to read our small blog posts. We will keep you up to date with the final release.