Gustav has been programming since the age 15. He started with PASCAL code in school where he developed one of his passions and that is programming. He is a game after all and wanted to start developing games. His first game was a small rolling ball game developed in Unity 3D. After playing around he discovered that he loved retro games and wanted to develop similar games. He loved pixel art and enjoys 2D games. That was the answer 2D games here we come. He partnered up with one of his colleagues at his local office. The did three ludum dares game jams together. The games are called: The Yellow Jacket Man, Memory of a Psychopath and Saving the Oak.


Hugo is our man on the art and designing side of our games. He took art as a subject at school. Pixel art just came naturally to him and the proof is in our very distinguished game style. Every character has its own personality and he always succeeds in bringing that to life. Always taking keeping in mind that the player not only wants to enjoy the movements and responses of a game, but also wants to find the visuals appealing. Can’t wait to see what he cooks up in the games to follow.