About Us

We are Givit Game Studios, and we love to make video games.

We are a video game development company from Benoni, South Africa and we are proudly independent. We are the creators of THE ADVENTURES OF SAM CARLISLE: THE HUNT FOR THE LOST TREASURE, THE WITCH OF ERAST, and now recently announced A FRIEND CALLED LONELINESS.



The people of Givit Game Studios are a varied bunch. From the developers to the accountants. We are all here for one goal, and that is to make good video games for all platforms.


We are two friends that came together to create games that we want to play. We started off by participating in the Ludum Dare jams. Later we discovered that we really love developing video games. In 2016 we launched our first video game for mobile THE WITCH OF ERAST. In 2017 we launched our first commercial video game called THE ADVENTURES OF SAM CARLISLE: THE HUNT FOR THE LOST TREASURE at a South African gaming expo called rAge.Recently we announced a new small narrative adventure called A FRIEND CALLED LONELINESS which will release in 2021.