Well, here we are. The first DEV blog for Into Eternity. On Tuesday the 19th March 2019, we announced our next adventure, Into Eternity. The game will be released 15 September 2019 on Steam, Itch.io and our very own store The Givit Shop. It will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux gamers. Depend on how good the game does we would like also to bring out the game on the XBox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is a first-person point and click adventure horror game. Once a week I will talk about what I did in the game and what features I am adding. Just to give a little background on Into Eternity. The game is a ‘prologue’ for our big game that we are going to announce next year or the year after that. Into Eternity falls in the same universe as our next game, that I cannot tell you about just yet. The story is almost done. But what I thought I might do is show off the island that we have created. It is a 4km x 4 km (2.4 mile x 2.4 mile) island, you can walk anywhere on this island, ‘open world’. The world has a dynamic weather system, no player’s game will be the same. Day and night cycle, and finally a dynamic seasons system. You might play the game in summer while your friend is playing it in the winter with beautiful snow hills and snow particles that looks so realistic. Just by exploring the island is a game in its own.

This was a short DEV blog but I will in the week do a VLOG about the game and show off the island a bit better. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer watch it below and please share it far and wide.

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