So the road to the rAge gaming expo has started.

We are a bit behind on the development of Sam but we are getting there. We will launch the game at the expo at the home_code booth. We will be there among giants and we are a bit nervous. We hope that the players will enjoy Sam. So back to the development. We got a major breakthrough with the storyline and the gameplay. The gameplay will ALMOST walk hand-in-hand with the storyline of Sam. Unfortunately, we can’t show it to you yet (spoilers) but we can’t wait for you to play it and experience it yourself.

With the expo five months from now, we are worried that we will get the game done in time, the game actually needs to be finished a month before the expo. To go through all of the certifications and publishing. The game will also be launched on Steam the day we launch the game at the expo (we hope, depends on Greenlight).

Then we have a sort of announcement, but it is not confirmed. Microsoft contacted us so we might launch the game on XBox One. But still unconfirmed. (Holding thumbs)

We really would like to show off the game but we are not there yet (almost, almost).

Thank you for reading our blogs and thank you for your patience if we get a bit quite.

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