So the first time that we will bring out a DEV BLOG. We will try and bring out a Blog once a month.

The last three months has been hectic. Me and Hugo are working full at Lefra Productions. So it is hard to get a balance between Givit Games and Lefra, but we have a “basic” plan of what we want to accomplish in this year.

First of all we have really good news. We got our iOS license so we will launch THE WITCH OF ERAST on iOS later this year hopefully at the end of March. We also got our STEAM license so all of our PC games will be available on STEAM.

On the topic of THE WITCH OF ERAST. We have a big update coming. Now the game has a purpose but you can also play the game in its current stage. You will take control of Erast and you need to collect the light orbs to rescue Erast. The can complete the game but for those who wants to complete the game much quicker, you can now buy light orbs with a small in app purchase. This is optional the game won’t have any ads or nothing. It will be like buying gems in Clash of Clans.

Back to the big news the reason for the blog. Givit Game Studios got a legal letter that the name Simple Sam is a registerd trademark, but that didn’t scare us away. It actually gave us the opportunity to come up the name and the main quest. So here it is:

The plan to start a franchise. So The Hunt for the Lost Treasure will be first in the series. We will release the game at the rAge Gaming expo 2017 in JHB. We will also release special editions for the game. At this stage we don’t have much to show you but we will keep you update.

Thank you for reading our first blog and hopefully we have something to show you in our next blog.

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